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#1 Re: Marketplace » Selling my porn site » 2013-05-10 01:52:48

screenshots and google analytics stats

links updated in main post

#2 Marketplace » Selling my porn site » 2013-05-09 04:43:35

Replies: 7

Hello everyone

My site is
Alexa Rank: 67,097

I'll also give my domain for free with my site.

My server specs:
Dual Xeon 5150
20TB bandwidth per month
CentOS, /29 IPs, cPanel/WHM.
price : $94/month from

Lighttpd installed and configured with the site and can stream both flv and mp4.

My site stats:
Videos: 22475
Photos: 13752 pics(544 albums)
Users: 6337 users
Pornstars: 4000+

I use JuicyAds, ExoClick and Ero-Advertising.
revenue slowed dwon since april 2013

Traffic and revune details in screenshots and google analytics check below links

All this site package is for $500 if interested email me

#3 Re: Show Off » .........3000 users » 2013-04-14 02:35:07

My site reached 6000+ users.

Now I wanna launch forums.

Please suggest me some forum categories. smile smile

#4 Traffic Exchange » Hard Link Exchange Alexa rank 52,091 » 2013-03-31 11:40:12

Replies: 4

If anyone interested in hard link exchange with my site

please use to add your link.

1. Your site should be minimum PR1 and Alexa rank less than or equal to 300,000.
2. If your site is PR2 or better then no Alexa rank requirement.

My site Alexa rank is 52,091 and Google PR1

#5 Modifications » How to disable Photo and pornstar views tracking » 2013-03-21 07:35:52

Replies: 1

Just like videos i want to disable photos, pornstar views tracking

Because it takes large DB space.

following tables size too high for me


Also add this as a feature.

#10 Re: Modifications » Photos Pagination » 2012-10-12 15:32:17

Adrian please help me here
how to add pagination to photos

#11 Re: Development » Adult Script Pro 1.0.2 Release » 2012-10-01 18:24:57

Thanks for the latest upgrade
+1k for Adrian

#12 Re: Development » Adult Script Pro 1.0.2 Release » 2012-09-30 10:13:57

mmpo wrote:
symtab wrote:

No :-) Once released we will post a announcement on the front page. Probably today and/or tomorrow. Just wanted to fix some more bugs.

nice pic

#13 Re: Modifications » Photos Pagination » 2012-09-30 10:12:42

symtab wrote: was this way before, but we removed this feature.

removed why ?

tell me how this add feature.

Edit: /modules/photo/components/album.php
from line 77

$sql			= "SELECT photo_id, caption, total_views, total_comments, rating, rated_by
		                   FROM #__photo
		                   WHERE album_id = ".$this->album_id."
		                   AND status = '1'
		                   ORDER BY photo_id ASC";
		$sql_count	= 'SELECT COUNT(*) AS total_photos
                       FROM #__photo AS p
                       WHERE p.status = \'1\'';				   

after above line i've added this code to limit the photos per page
$total_photos   = $this->db->get_field($sql_count, 'total_photos');
		$pagination     = VPagination::get($page, $total_photos, $this->vcfg['browse_per_page']); // not working tell me how to add pagination
		$sql			= $sql. ' LIMIT 20'; //limits 20 per page		

Successfully limited photos but
How to add pagination?

#14 Modifications » Photos Pagination » 2012-09-29 10:21:25

Replies: 3

I have some Photo Albums with 400+ photos on each album.

check this url … ty-friend/

Instead of showing all 400 photos on single page, i want to paginate photos limit 20 to 40 photos per page.

Adrian please add this feature.

#15 Re: Show Off » .........3000 users » 2012-09-22 15:57:33

How to get Premium videos legally?
full length porn movies 30min 1hr like that

#16 Re: Show Off » .........3000 users » 2012-09-22 15:53:22

Nuevolab wrote:
bharath2211 wrote:

my site reached a milestone
3000 users in community.


I have over 36.000 registered users and 2000 about premium users ($10.00 for premium),
but this is non-adult site, and it's over 4 years old.
It's not so much, but always better than nothing smile

2000 premium users for a non-adult site that's great.

your site link

#18 Re: Show Off » .........3000 users » 2012-09-19 18:14:22

ptsguy wrote:

How long has your site been up? registered in October 2011
previously i used but i changed it to .me when it got banned in UAE

#19 Re: Show Off » .........3000 users » 2012-09-19 07:03:50

currently my site has 13k visitors and 95k page views daily.
organic traffic search engines refer about 85% of traffic

Alexa 75,960
Goggle PR 1

but my earnings are very low

AdultAdWorld    -> $4.1 daily (1popup, 1 IM ad, 1 CPM banner ad)
Adxpansion       -> $0.6 per day (1 cpm ad)
Plugrush           -> $1 per day (1 cpm ad)
Exoclick            -> $0.8 per day (1 popup, 2 cpm ads, 1 mobile cpm)
Ero Advertising   -> $1.7 per day (1 popup, 1 IM ad, 1 cpm ad)
Juicyads            -> $2 per day (1 popup, 1 cpm, 1 mobile cpm)

total about $10 per day that's very low.

I'll remove exoclick ads soon it pays very low.

any suggestions to earn more with my site.

any more advertising networks that pays better.

#22 Re: Marketplace » daily traffic buy » 2012-09-15 18:45:45

DuttyRock wrote:

What was the warning about?

i got an email from JuicyAds saying

Your account has been suspended for sending a high concentration of invalid/computer generated traffic.
Are you buying traffic?  If so, from where?

i replies yes i bought from
I told them to re-enable my account and I'll stop buying traffic

then i got another email saying

Please confirm you have stopped buying from them, and we will re-enable your account and review the new traffic.

so don't buy traffic from

#23 Re: Marketplace » daily traffic buy » 2012-09-13 05:07:24

I used once for my site. JuicyAds warned me and suspended my account for some days.

#24 Re: Marketplace » daily traffic buy » 2012-09-13 05:05:19

plugrush is the best place for buying traffic

#25 Bug Reports » [FIXED] Admin FTP Upload error ASPRO 1.0.1 » 2012-09-12 19:24:26

Replies: 7

FTP Upload error

I've uploaded flv videos through ftp upload.

with these options checked

Convert: Only Non FLV/MP4 Videos
Meta: All videos
Mobile: No

since the videos i uploaded are 'flv' videos shouldn't be converted to mp4 but something weird happening after uploading,
all uploaded videos are shown as HD and they are not streaming.

check some part of  conversion log below
video is not converted but copied to both flv and mp4 directories

please fix this

FLV: convert=0, meta=1
FLV: no conversion...copying original file to /home/myxxx/public_html/media/videos/flv/24351.nometa.flv
FLV: processed!
FLV: update meta!
/usr/bin/yamdi -i '/home/myxxx/public_html/media/videos/flv/24351.nometa.flv' -o '/home/myxxx/public_html/media/videos/flv/24351.flv' -c Adult Script Pro-1.0

HD: convert=0, moov=1
HD: no conversion ... copying original file to /home/myxxx/public_html/media/videos/mp4/24351.nomov.mp4
HD: processed
HD: relocating moov atom
/usr/local/bin/qt-faststart '/home/myxxx/public_html/media/videos/mp4/24351.nomov.mp4' '/home/myxxx/public_html/media/videos/mp4/24351.mp4'
          0 1179407873
encountered non-QT top-level atom (is this a QuickTime file?)
last atom in file was not a moov atom
HD: moov atom relocation failed ... using original file!

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