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#1 Re: Troubleshooting » Normal users asked to login again and not to pay » 2013-06-17 11:43:58

I got the same thing.  I think the issue is wording.  If you click on the word register, it brings you to an upgrade page.

#3 Feature Requests » Blogs » 2013-06-15 00:38:24

Replies: 2

I see some older posts about a blog being added but I do not actually see one in the script.  Is this something that ASP has already, if not can it be added.

#4 Pre-sale questions » ADMIN » 2013-06-14 16:44:27

Replies: 1

I have sent a couple emails and I have not gotten any replys.  I am not sure if you are getting them.

I ordered the lightttp install on my site and I also want to get a 2nd license of the software for my site.

I saw that the 2nd license is 149.99.  How do I pay?  Tried from the site and it still charges 199.99

Please get back to me as my sexyxxxdesires site is really moving slow and the traffic is getting pretty good on it.  I need to move away from MediaXXX fast. smile

#6 Re: Documentation » [HOWTO] Create your own Adult Script Pro pages/modules » 2013-06-13 22:59:29

This thread is kinda old so I am checking here before I rip my work apart.  I wanted to change the word Pornstar to something to fit my site better.

I created my old module by coping all files from the pornstar mod as shown in this doc and renamed sailors.  however, I do not get a sailor option in the module manger for my site.  It i in the database like the others, but not even listed as an available mod.

Any ideas

#7 Templates » Ad Sizes » 2013-06-13 20:10:57

Replies: 2

I am trying to create a jucyads account and sell some ad space on my sites. (one live and one I am still going to switch over from mediaxxx)  I am using default for my live site and will use the black and red for the other site.

My question is everywhere I try and search sizes for ads I see "It depends on the template"  so my question is, for these two templates, what sizes are the ads I can use.

#8 Re: Troubleshooting » Age Verification » 2013-06-13 18:25:19

I have it turned off right now.  I can turn it back on if you want to try.

Give me a few minutes, then please try again.

Oh, PS.  Did you get lighttp installed.  I think there is an issue with me receiving emails from you.  If you emailed I did not get it.  I even emailed you from here and have no response.

#9 Re: Troubleshooting » Age Verification » 2013-06-13 11:51:28

Oh, Ok.  Is this something you know about?  Are you looking into it?

#10 Troubleshooting » Age Verification » 2013-06-12 17:51:01

Replies: 4

I have turned on the age verification on the site and it pops when I enter the site as it should, but it also pop every time I change pages as well.  Is this normal?  I have to say it kinda drives me crazy and I set it up.  smile

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