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#1 2013-01-10 13:10:49

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Adult Script Pro 1.0.5 Released


We just released Adult Script Pro 1.0.5 (bugfix release).

Following bugs were fixed:
- fixed thumb server separate upload
    - fixed JW Player any-ads plugin
    - fixed pornstar rating bug (loads video config instead of pornstar config)
    - fixed smtp_auth bug in libraries/framework/email.php
    - fixed user comments manage page meta_title __('my-comments')
    - fixed libraries/framework/video.php flv_bitrate_method == 'fixed' bug
    - fixed video thumb server base root starting and ending / bug
    - fixed video multi server base root starting and ending / bug
    - fixed video multi server delete big array timeout bug
    - fixed admin messages/errors/warnings toolTip css for large template bug
    - various default photo template css fixes (prev/next colors, borders)
    - fixed photo category $this->slug undefined bug
    - fixed video category url redirect to / (unique 301 perm moved) (global re-implementation in 1.2)
    - fixed suspended categories in categories module (modules/categories/categories.php)
    - fixed category rebuild to count only active videos
    - fixed video category display even if category is suspended (modules/video/components/category.php)
    - fixed link add empty page bug (simple_html_dom string load bug)
    - fixed admin sitemap tools css bug for large screens
    - fixed Admin categories list css large screen bug
    - fixed friend add (approved, pending and denied) bug
    - fixed invalid search type bug (exception -> 404)
    - fixed Mass CSV Import (only one video) importing bug (AEBN's CSV contains a lot of errors)
    - fixed User -> Albums div height CSS bug
    - fixed friend remove bug
    - fixed add photos to album bug (trailing slash redirect bug)
    - make sure thumb folder is 0777 (cron, web server and ssh client)
    - fixed Empflix mass embed grabber (preg_match for thumbs failed)
    - fixed Tnaflix mass embed grabber (preg_match for thumbs failed)
    - fixed YOBT mass embed grabber (preg_match for duration failed)
    - removed slutload mass embed grabber (they restrict thumb download)

Following new small features were added:
    - added support for search engine sitemap ping after sitemap rebuild
    - added support for google video sitemap ping after video sitemap rebuild
    - added Visit Homepage link in Admin
    - added support for assigning Sponsors on Video Upload in Admin
    - added support for CSV text in Admin -> Video -> Add -> Mass CSV Import
    - added new function to canonicalize urls ( … alization/)
    - changed Mass CSV Import limit to successfuly processed videos limit
    - added Mass CSV Import processed rows limit (if videos are not added, failed to download/convert/add video or thumb, the imported will stop after this limit)
    - added support for javascript age verification overlay

If you already bought Adult Script Pro 1.0.4 (or previous versions) you can download the new version from Avangate or you can send us a email! (will be available in a few minutes)

Checkout the full feature list at:
Checkout the demo at:
Order here:

Adult Scripts: Adult Script Pro - Adult Search Script
Adult Advertising/Traffic: Plug Rush - EXOClick - PopAds


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