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#1 Re: Open Discussion » How do I get my copy? » 2015-11-30 17:28:46

I still haven't gotten anything.  I sent you an email on 11/25 with my paypal transaction ID.

#3 Open Discussion » How do I get my copy? » 2015-11-27 11:27:46

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How do I get an updated copy of the script.  I email Adrian 2 days ago and I have yet to hear anything back.

#4 Re: Open Discussion » Seeking information for a script » 2013-10-20 17:59:52 wrote:

@Symtab..... Is There Any Discount For Existing ASPro Customer For New Adult Search Script. And Where We Can See the Demo Or test It

There is a demo link.

#5 Re: Open Discussion » Seeking information for a script » 2013-10-20 16:50:25

Looking at the demo... you actually have the videos on the site?  When I click a link, it shows me the video (I'm assuming that it's embedded).  Most of the other tube search scripts just link to other sites.

#6 Re: Open Discussion » Seeking information for a script » 2013-10-20 13:43:57

symtab wrote:

Script rotator?  If you mean the adult search script, then yes it is.

Where are you selling this script?  I would be interested in check it out.

#7 Open Discussion » Are you into Bitcoin or CryptoCoins? » 2013-05-10 23:02:35

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Anyone interested in helping me with a new site, stop on by and sign up.  Just launched the site today, so there isn't much traffic yet.  But it crypto-currencies interest you come by and chat!

#8 Re: Development » MySQL 5.6 GA releases in a couple of days » 2013-04-22 11:44:24

rbmoss wrote:

mysql 5.6 has been released but in future would it be replaced by maria-db

I believe it's only going to be replaced in Fedora.  You can run any database you want.  You just have to install the database you choose.

#9 Re: Show Off » .........3000 users » 2013-04-14 02:49:07

Congrats on getting to 6000!

What kind of forum are you trying to build?  A place where users can talk about porn or an adult industry type of forum?

IMHO, starting a porn forum is:

1.  Really a pain in the butt because you have to monitor everything or else it gets SPAMMED to death.

2.  A really easy place where people can put things up which might get you into trouble.  Start posting child porn or links to stuff you don't want.

I know some people who have forums and it's a 24/7 job just running the forum right.  I don't even believe Manwin (pornhub, youporn, etc) has forums - because the amount of manpower it takes to run a forum right makes it a net loss.  They do have forums for their studios - Brazzers - but if you've ever been on their before most post are about people who want to cancel their accounts etc.

If you are still set on opening a forum, you might want to check out other porn forums and see what categories they are offering and modify or add to that list.  Considering the internet rule:  if it exists there is porn for it.  Basically, you can have unlimited categories of just about anything which all could be related to porn.

Good Luck!

#10 Re: Open Discussion » Bing and the end of the Tube Sites... Oh Crap! » 2013-03-26 20:03:07

I doubt it will effect sales.  People who want to start a tube are going to do it regardless.  I'm sure there are a lot of people who purchased ASP and make just enough money to cover the bills... they aren't raking in millions.

The original post which I read on had more to do with the DMCAs for showing those videos on Bing.  Where Google takes down most of the porn videos, Bing doesn't.  Added, not many people use Bing for porn or Bing in general compared to Google it would take something like CNN running a story to really get people moving to Bing for Porn.

Then there is the tracking.  People who want to hide their porn watching are more inclined to use a porn site vs. Bing.  Their porn watching tracks will probably covered better on a tube site.

What does scare me is that Bing does offer no ads... which some people want.  Browsing without those dam Live Jas popups.  Bing also offers safe browsing.  A viewer knows that they aren't going to get a virus using Bing.

#11 Re: Open Discussion » Bing and the end of the Tube Sites... Oh Crap! » 2013-03-26 13:53:13

Well, I wouldn't say I get turned on by 'any' porn... just the porn with multiple blonds with big tits on ad free sites.  wink

#12 Re: Open Discussion » Bing and the end of the Tube Sites... Oh Crap! » 2013-03-26 04:35:35

DuttyRock wrote:

Well its a matter of opinion cuz im sure people have a preference the same way they do browsers, chat forums etc. Let me ask, whats the difference between xhamster, xvideo and redtube??? Nothing. They all have the same good quality porn and a lot of it, YET, people will just chose one and stay there. There are many torrents sites yet most people only go piratebay or kat... it's all about preference.

True.  And when they consider Bing is offering free videos from all sites without ads they will end up staying there... because it's free.

That's you, people run to realtyking in your example. Same reason why there are "affiliate programs" because people follow the source of what they like.

People go to affiliate links because they want to pay for premium porn.  With all the free porn out their, they obviously make a choice to pay for porn.

If i see a video on ASP right now and it is watermark, the chances are this; 90% visit the watermark site an 10% still search ASP for more because i know EXACTLY where i can find more of the same vids from the watermark. If the link is a paid site, then i will return to ASP trying to find more free videos.

I've never visited a watermarked site unless it was a specific niche that the site I was on didn't cover and most of the tube sites have most of the niches covered.

Having a watermarked video for most of the common content in a mass search engine like the way Bing is doing it... and offering videos... will not make users go to the watermarked site.  Though, having a watermark on the videos will give the viewer a chance to visit the site if the niche is so narrow that it would warrant visiting the watermarked site.  So, bottom line, watermarking is a good thing but won't prevent someone from visiting Bing, viewing videos ad free and using Bing as their tube site for future viewing... thus putting the smaller general non-niche tube sites out of business.

#13 Re: Open Discussion » Bing and the end of the Tube Sites... Oh Crap! » 2013-03-26 03:28:06

I respect your opinion, but disagree. 

People want porn and they don't care where it comes from.  If there is one source which has every possible video, the viewer will stay there.  Thinking about it for a second, a tube site is just another source.  If I find a video on Xtube site and it has reality kings as the watermark, I'm not rushing to reality kings for another video... I'm staying on the tube site to look for more videos.  It's how the whole tube business started.  If it wasn't for tubes, everyone would go to the original source, which they don't.

#14 Re: Open Discussion » Bing and the end of the Tube Sites... Oh Crap! » 2013-03-26 03:11:34

Watermarking a video isn't going to mean anything.  Just because there is a watermark on the video doesn't mean the viewer is going to go to the site - if that's what you mean.

If the video are available for free and with no ads, people will start using bing instead of going to tube sites.

#15 Open Discussion » Bing and the end of the Tube Sites... Oh Crap! » 2013-03-25 23:06:12

Replies: 12

I just read on an adult forum about Microsoft's Bing and Porn.  Seems like there might be an end to the tube site business model.

1.  Just go to
2.  Check on the videos link above the bing banner.
3.  Click on the top right gear (in chrome) and turn the safe search off and save.
4.  Enter some adult term in the search box and click search.
5.  See tons of porn from all different sites.
6.  Click on any video and see that the video is played in BING and doesn't direct to the tube site.

Crap.  This might be a game changer.

#16 Re: Development » MySQL 5.6 GA releases in a couple of days » 2013-03-18 17:21:23

Jadmanx wrote:

but we can upgrate to MySQL 5.6? and use Adult Script Pro 1.0.6 with it  ?

Yea, you can upgrade to 5.6 if you want.  There isn't any changes in 5.6 which is going to prevent you from using ASP.  5.6 is actually faster. 

I would HIGHLY advise you export your database and re-import it after doing the upgrade.

If you are using a custom my.cnf file you will need to change the new my.cnf file to match your settings.

REMEMBER once you upgrade to 5.6 - YOU CAN'T DOWNGRADE.  The way 5.6 stores the files isn't compatible with older versions of MYSQL.

#18 Re: Show Off » New BDSM Niche site. » 2013-03-09 01:10:04

If your site is new, it's going to take time to get traffic.  Try to research as many listing sites as you can.  Join as many forums as you can to promote your site.

You might want to going which is a big industry site.  You will have to email the admin your role in the industry once you sign up to get approval.  You can find all kinds of content providers on that forum.  Tons of industry professionals.  The site is also an open forum, meaning you can read all the posts on the site without joining.  If you want to search the forum... use google advanced search and type as the site you want to search (it's an easy way to search the forum without signing up for the site).

#19 Re: Show Off » New BDSM Niche site. » 2013-03-09 00:31:43

You can try to find a developer in the forum, but hiring an outside developer... that developer would have to learn ASP first.

I would just purchase the premium template.  At least you will have a Twitter Bootstrap template which in my opinion is better and more modern looking.

Don't spend too much time on site design.  Spend the most amount of time adding the best content you can find and promoting your site.  You might find in 5 months that your site is dead and you would have wasted all the money on design.  If you start making money on the site, then invest in a developer to develop the look of the site.

#20 Re: Show Off » New BDSM Niche site. » 2013-03-08 23:04:01

It's a standard adult site... nothing special.  Seems to be a niche site, so you will get the niche visitors.

I would spend the money for the Premium Template.  It would allow you to do more modifications to the site.

Good start, you have things up and running!

#21 Re: Show Off » My New site with softcore celebs videos » 2013-02-22 22:16:27

Looks like the left column isn't completely gone.  You can see a 'dot' under the home button.

#22 Re: Development » SEO Delete » 2013-02-13 23:57:22

This is a KEY feature to prove you removed content in compliance with a DMCA request.

Especially if you could have a reason why the content was removed - like YouTube does it... "Content was removed at the request of the Copyright Holder".

#23 Re: Documentation » best Cache Settings for optimising » 2013-02-13 23:49:51

Once you get MySQL 5.6.10 larger databases will function better.

You might want to allocate more memory to MySQL in the my.cnf file located in the /etc/ folder (if you are using CentOS).

You might want to consider using Nginx and allocating the extra ram saved to MySQL.

#24 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED IN 1.0.7] My adverts do not show in the video player » 2013-02-13 23:44:36

Because... maybe this post should be in Troubleshooting instead of Bug Reports.


Since you need help, maybe you shouldn't say, "I'm losing money, why can't I get help?" and instead say... "If anyone has time to help me it would be much appreciated".

#25 Re: Show Off » my NO adult full length movie site » 2013-02-10 17:03:37

symtab wrote:

I want to embed, but i'm also thinking of displaying the videos in my own JW/Nuevo flash player (works with youtube and it seems legal). I want to add twerking/ass shaking videos on my site. I think this site can have potential...

We will have a non-adult version (need facebook/twitter/openid login and a template).

@Mitomind: do you want to participate in the devel of a non-adult version? (its a matter of time for me...)

If you need some help, let me know.  Though, investing too much time in a non-adult version of the script might not pay off for ya IMHO.  There are so many other scripts out there which have really strong followings.  Your better investing time into ASPro and taking over the adult market.  I personally own several video scripts and they are all pretty much great scripts.  Added, you have the factor of people who won't buy your script because you do adult.  Someone who is against adult probably won't purchase your non-adult script because you are in a 'politically incorrect' line of work.

The time you will need to invest to maintain two scripts wouldn't be worth the money in the long run IMHO.

If you want to make real money... create a simple Nginx control panel to work with ASPro.  There really aren't any great Nginx control panels out there - most are plugins with Apache.  ASPro Nginx control panel + ASPro would be a great TOTAL solution for a developer.  This means I can save $30 a month on cpanel with a dedicated server... have a faster better server, and don't have to worry about server security.  Currently there is Webmin and ISPconfig which support Nginx.  That's about it.  cPanel has a plugin, but you still have to use Apache with it.

All the graphs I've seen show how Nginx is starting to take over.  Apache is king, but nginx is really starting to be the choice for busy websites.   

I know for myself, I can manage a server, but who really wants too?  What a pain in the butt.  I have enough problems writing all the code for my scripts.

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