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#1 Re: Pre-sale questions » Sponsor videos hotlinking? » 2011-05-22 22:24:10

But the sponsors tell us, the affiliates to use their bandwidth and encourage us to hotlink their videos and thumbnails.

I hope you can add the scheduling option soon. I and lots of legal adult webmasters will buy your script if you give us that...

And again, hotlinking sponsors hosted images and videos is how thousqnds of adult webmasters mqke tons and tons of money

#2 Pre-sale questions » Sponsor videos hotlinking? » 2011-05-22 20:56:24

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Hello, i just found out about ASP today and think it looks good and very promissing..

Now, before i buy, i see there's mass CSV and XML video import features in admin area, but i need to know if these features allow us to hotlink videos and thumbs instead of uploading to our servers.

Is this possible?

Also, if hotlinking is possible, is there an option to schedule sponsor hosted videos at the moment of importing to be published later or every 'x' hours?  This would be great for SEO purposes, since it would show the search engines lots of updqting activity in the site.

If you can give me those featurea i am a sure buyer...

PS: symtab, your script looks awesome and very promissing, but it is just like AVS, focused on video uploading, or video embedding from big tube sites, mostly on full videos wich is not legal..

If you focused your script development to work with sponsors more thn with user uploading or big tube embedding, you would have tens of thousands of legal adult webmasters buying your script. And these would be really experienced webmasters with lots of money to pay for a good script.

Money in porn is not in giving away free full porn videos.
Money in porn is working with sponsors that give us webmasters their videos to hotlink and pay us comissions on sales on their paysites.

And besides, we can make a porn empire without ever needing to convert videos, process thumbnails, have user upload videos, host videos in our own servers, etc etc.
Sponsors host videos and images for us in their servers!

Forget about AVS, make your script work with sponsors and you will be rich dude...

The money in tube sites

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