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#1 2012-09-24 00:28:39

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Selling Full Site with Established Traffic - PRICE REDUCED

So, I am going to take the risk and try a full blown porn site, thus I am selling my tube site - which has served me well and made me good money (over 5 times my initial investment - in just 6 months).  The 6 months is, I bought the script in Feb. of this year, but didn't really launch until March (as visible in the screenshots).

Stats:,u8Bpe#0 - Screenshots of below from Google Analytics

For the site time:

Visits: 432,070
Unique Visitors: 363,615
Pageviews: 965,546
Pages / Visit: 2.23
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:27
Bounce Rate: 70.67%
% New Visits: 84.15% 

Last 30 days:

Visits: 70,817
Unique Visitors: 63,827
Pageviews: 139,021
Pages / Visit: 1.96
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:00
Bounce Rate: 78.09%
% New Visits: 85.48%

Country / Territory    Visits    % Visits
1. United States 46,744     65.99%
2. Canada 6,918    9.77%
3. United Kingdom 3,700 5.22%
4. Australia 2,215    3.13%
5. Germany 1,589    2.24%
6. Sweden 863 1.22%
7. Netherlands 592 0.84%
8. France 477 0.67%
9. India 471    0.66%
10. New Zealand 423 0.60%

I only use JuicyAds now but have had total of $1346.76 in net revenue (I used to do a TON of ads, but have switched to just a few = more users).  For JuicyAds alone, I have over $900 for the last 4 months.

Current worth according to: … (they are wrong, its about half that).

Alexa Traffic Rank      680,136 Global Rank    330,298 Rank in US  - At one point I was at ~ 412,000 globally and right at ~100,000 in the US.

I do not care about PR because it doesn't matter.  Those that say it does are just plain wrong - search the google forums and their admins will say its bunk - I asked.

This site was setup as a tube site with a ton of videos (369234 as of right now).  I did not do users, but 63 did register before I completely disabled it.  There are over 1000 pornstars with photos and full bios - all manually entered as I couldn't find a script to buy.

I am selling everything.  Domain name (you pay the transfer - currently with, images, embedded videos, database, templates, logos, everything.  Basically, if you get a server, I will give you everything so you can duplicate what I have right now - except for my JuicyAds account info and Google account info as these have my personal info, etc - and as soon as you point the DNS to your server, you will have instant traffic.

I am asking $2000, but will entertain any serious offer.  You can make that back fast, based on my existing traffic.  If you do any level of marketing at all, you can increase that.  As is now, it requires ZERO effort to admin.  I login weekly just to make sure that no videos have been flagged.

This is about as turnkey and guaranteed of a deal as it gets.  I am trying to go bigger and become a producer of content, so that is why I am selling.

Hit me up at

EDIT:  Price has been dropped to $2000 from $4000.  Revenue screenshots on request.  In addition, we have about 7 other domains that will go with it.  Some have varying amounts of traffic - nothing remarkable - but we only have 1 ASP license.

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#2 2012-10-12 23:55:19

Registered: 2012-02-02
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Re: Selling Full Site with Established Traffic - PRICE REDUCED



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