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#1 2013-04-18 21:47:41

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Brilliant Music Script

Music site for sale
Millions of songs available


+Easy to install
+No need for expensive server, can run on free hosting, low traffic usage
+No need to upload songs
+Best music resource on the web (which will make your site very popular in a shortest time)
+Can not be copied, either manually or with the website copying software so if you buy the script you can be sure that no one else have it.

Now selling this script for only 150 EUR FREE installation included Will have new version coming in Summer that will work with iOS, and android so the users will be able to listen the music online directly from their phones -New version will also be faster and will have a video/movies search

The price for the next version will be 500 EUR
If you buy now the current version for 150 EUR you will get the next worth of 500 EUR for FREE The popularity of such site will grow at fastest rate and you can make 200 eur through ads in your first month

I sat the same site and spent about 2 hours on sending out the URLs on the web.. The next day the number of visits was 1000 people and 3500 clicks ater this numbers only increased
With such traffic it generated around 50 USD in a first week
But you can also  embed it into your adultsite into separate section and sell the memberships.

So the way you will monetize your site is up to you


#2 2013-04-18 22:22:31

Registered: 2013-03-12
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Re: Brilliant Music Script

I'm sorry, I didn't get it: feel free to write me at


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