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#1 2013-05-02 09:03:06

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Video downloader script for YouTube and several popular video sites

You can download videos and mp3 files from YouTube and several other video sites using a site called .Downloader is absolutely free also here you can can get standalone video downloader script which lets you create your own online video downloader that supports YouTube videos and mp3 files downloading and several other sites. and downloader script comes with different plans(including a free plan that allows only certain number of hits )suiting to different requirements. You can try Free down* v3 standalone video downloader script from . for that you can go to and go to the integration page . Then choose a standalone scripts. You can choose FreeDown v3 ( you can try other two scripts available here as an alternative ) download now option to download the video downloader scripts on your server. Change the permissions of the all the downloaded folders and files to 755. You can then register with and add your site with url pointing to the script folder web url. Now you will have a functional web based downloader and streamer . so its that easy to have your online YouTube downloader. Also you can use already available video downloader at Both the script and downloader supports several other websites also.

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#2 2013-05-06 07:56:09

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Re: Video downloader script for YouTube and several popular video sites

this is a valid video url and  it worked when tried by us.  Make sure you have  java installed on your client machine. and you place this video url  link in the text area adjacent to "Fetch & Convert"  button on the home page. also don't close the window until you have downloaded. you would also would be able to stream the video apart from downloading in different formats. You would get a player where you get the streaming and below the player you would get title of the video and below that links specifying the format. you can then just click the links to get download box and choose option save to save the video on your machine also make sure that you have selected the location where you would like it to save or you already have it set by the browser then make sure you know the location. also you get video downloader script for having your own video downloader which would support all the sites supported by if any other difficulty you face regarding this site you can always raise a ticket here under ticket support option.

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