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#1 2013-07-09 16:21:14

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Adult Script Pro 1.0.7 Released


We just released Adult Script Pro 1.0.7 with the following bug fixes and changes:

1.0.7 Thu Feb  7 14:17:28 EET 2013
    - fixed admin/modules/link/components/manage.php db/cache typo
    - fixed Admin -> Photo -> Add categories box for large screens
    - fixed Frontend video delete extend/ajax/remove_video.plugin.php typo
    - fixed Admin -> Video -> Mass XML Import big feed database timeout bug
    - optimized libraries/framework/response.php memory usage
    - fixed Admin -> Video -> Bulk Edit <legend> typo
    - fixed Admin -> Video -> Mass Video Edit arguments limit (moved from $_GET to $_POST)
    - fixed Admin -> Video -> Bulk Video Edit arguments limit (moved from $_GET to $_POST)
    - small improvements to Mass Video Edit and Bulk Video Edit
    - moved thumb extraction before video conversion (added hooks for video watermarking)
    - added missing language translation for preferences-title
    - added missing language translation for my-playlists-title and no-playlists
    - fixed user profile friends, subscriptions, subscribers and connections url bug
    - fixed video library data extraction return codes
    - fixed profile subscriptions pagination bug
    - fixed embed code importing via CSV (added urldecode)
    - fixed player text and image advertising bug
    - fixed video thumb helper with empty root bug
    - fixed profile friends/subscribers/subscriptions pagination bug
    - fixed admin video manage sponsor assign bug
    - video shuffle cron script is disabled by default
    - fixed user banner update bug
    - fixed user videos url bug
    - fixed video upload max categories bug
    - fixed admin advertising add status typo bug
    - fixed admin photo ftp upload mobile copy original bug
    - fixed video upload limit missing language file entry
    - fixed photo search pagination bug
    - fixed guest limit video update bug
    - fixed mobile community avatar bug
    - fixed RTMP video player (tested with FMS atm)
    - fixed RTMP streaming for mobile videos (RTMP => progressive, rtmp not supported on mobile)
    - fixed upload limit translation bug
    - fixed profile info overflow bug
    - fixed video edit server to server move typo
    - fixed streaming server (apache/nginx/lighttpd) for multi-server setups
    - fixed video download not found error
    - added google analytics to mobile
    - fixed frontend case sensitive username login bug
    - fixed advertising add/edit expire bug
    - fixed flash player image advertising position bug
    - added enable/disable for the frontend link add page
    - added photo flagged page

If you already bought Adult Script Pro 1.0.6 (or previous versions) you can download the new version from Avangate or you can send us a email!

Checkout the full feature list at:
Checkout the demo at:
Order here:

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