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#1 2012-11-05 16:52:40

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Adult Script Pro 1.0.3 Released


We just released Adult Script Pro 1.0.3 (bugfix release). Following bugs were fixed:
    - fixed upload progress bug (and added debug information to upload.log)
    - fixed signup country selection persistent bug
    - fixed pornhub mass embed grabber
    - fixed admin video generate thumbs invalid helper key bug
    - fixed admin video generate duration invalid helper key bug
    - fixed admin mass video edit duration/format update bug
    - fixed profile video favorites page bug
    - fixed mobile pornstar debug bug
    - fixed mobile regiser debug bug
    - fixed sitemap generation bug when no photos or no albums or no topics or no videos are added
    - fixed profile left title bug for subscribers, friends and subscriptions (css fix)
    - fixed upload debug bug in IE
    - fixed mass xml video import mp4 only bug
    - fixed cron execution bug
    - html fetching for simple_html_dom is done with curl now (removing allow_url_fopen dependency)
    - fixed video search (works with word* now) (boolean mode)

Small features/improvements/optimizations:
    - added apache streaming function
    - added canonical to modules/video/components/search.php
    - added canonical to modules/video/components/tag.php
   - suspended video returns 404 now (added status in query for future development)
    - admin shuffle also applies to mobile videos now
    - added support for max categories in upload
    - added support for original video filename, ext, size, ip, user, method and url
    - added support for queue view (currently running and queue order)
    - updated Jquery to 1.8.2
    - updated JCrop to 0.9.10

If you already bought Adult Script Pro 1.0.2 (or previous versions) you can download the new version from Avangate or you can send us a email! (will be available in a few minutes)

Checkout the full feature list at:
Checkout the demo at:
Order here:

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