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#1 2016-11-21 13:36:58

From: The Netherlands
Registered: 2012-12-27
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Getting the video category from the $video var, or somewhere else

I want to add a category to the video's that are listed on ./recent/  next to the $video[hd] thing.
I've tried to edit the browse file, but since I'm not the best at sql Query, I cannot figure out how to link the categories from video_category table to the video table.

Could you explain on what I've got to edit in the browse file to get the category output trough the $video var.
i've tried to print_r($video) and got this:

    [video_id] => 5327
    [title] => I let my best friend fuck my girlfriend
    [slug] => i-let-my-best-friend-fuck-my-girlfriend
    [likes] => 1
    [rating] => 5
    [rated_by] => 1
    [duration] => 780.168
    [thumb] => 15
    [thumbs] => 20
    [total_views] => 753
    [add_time] => 1479493802
    [ext] => mp4
    [hd] => 0
    [premium] => 0
    [username] => admin

Is it possible you can help me edit the browse file?
so I can get the category for each video, I dont care which way but I need to setup a switch(category) some way.

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