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#1 2010-12-30 03:09:53

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advertising page

I don't know if anyone else would be interested in this but I would like to have an advertising page where visitors can see the different banner locations on the site and can see a price for that location that would be set in the admin panel. Have it where they can select the location they want with the banner code and their info and have it emailed to the email address you choose.

I'm interested in other peoples thoughts on this. I think it would help in the selling of ad space.


#2 2010-12-30 10:05:26

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Re: advertising page

I think its a good idea. I can tell you from my own experience:

1. Once you get > 10.000 or 15.000 visitors / day people will ask to buy advertising on your site (even without this page).
2. In most cases the buyer will want to see sales, meaning you will have to sign a contract for this.

I think you could add this page as a static page and edit it with the wysiwyg editor in admin.

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#3 2010-12-30 10:19:25

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Re: advertising page

Yep, that's what i thought too:


Just prepare some blank banners with the desired size ( Maybe with Gimp, you just need to make some rectangles with the sizes you need ) to have demo bannersizes.
The rest can be done with the editor in the content add section.



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