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#1 Re: Open Discussion » What to do with my .XXX names? » 2012-03-03 22:24:50

To All,

I'm very interested in creating something with these names, I am getting rid of my site and once that is sold I would love to create a partnership with a few of you guys.  As long as Adrian is on board I am happy wink

#2 Marketplace » is for sale » 2012-03-03 22:21:38

Replies: 12

Due to lack of time and inexperience I've decided to sell my tube site.  Below are some details, please take a look and email me/post here with your offers/questions. 


Included in sale:

AdultScriptPro - obviously wink

CHI AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban
AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban
16 GB
1.5 TB
1.5 TB
CentOS Latest
Cpanel/WHM + Fantastico
100Mbps Dedicated Unmetered
Rebootless Kernel Patching

Url's - Currently using Webcamwiz - Currently using Myfreewebsite
Domains are with godaddy

Over 20,000 sponsor videos hosted on server


Revenue Streams
Sponsor banner under their videos - Managed in script admin area.
Player Advertising - Managed in script admin area
Juicy Ads - Managed on juicyads
Cams - TruCams linked to category cam area
Cams - Chaturbate linked to top navigation link
Toys - TruToys
Dating - AFF liked to top navigation link
Vacations - Sex vacation sponsor linked to top navigation link

Nothing worth mentioning, few bucks from juicy ads and a few affilate sales.

-Custom design files included
-Flowplayer license
-Clean code
-Very easy to change affiliate links that aren't controlled by admin area (Top/Side Nav)
-18,031 urls in google web index
-Alexa Global Rank = 734,275

This package is perfect for someone that has SEO skills or someone that knows how to bring traffic to their site.  I started this with no adult/web industry experience and do not have the time to learn about creating traffic.

I don't have a set price in mind so I am entertaining all serious offers.  No BS offers please. 

Thats about it.....I'm sure I am forgetting something so once I remember I will update!

#3 Re: Show Off » Help Me Improve My Site » 2012-03-03 22:19:16

Well.......I WAS working on seo but I have no time anymore.  My main business takes up all of my time so now I am selling my site.  I'm going to make a thread about it now smile

#4 Re: Open Discussion » What to do with my .XXX names? » 2012-02-29 02:56:59

I'm up for anything as long as a good plan is collaborated.

#5 Re: Show Off » Help Me Improve My Site » 2012-02-29 02:54:14

Hey thanks, it took about one month.  I am considering selling the whole site bc my offline business is consuming most of my time and I can't put any effort into seo sad

#7 Open Discussion » What to do with my .XXX names? » 2012-02-14 04:56:17

Replies: 17

I have two .XXX names, I don't know if .xxx will ever take off but being that I have em I was thinking about developing them.  Need some ideas!!!  Or if anyone wants to develop them with me I'd be up for that = ). Below are my two names.  Let me know what you think.

Browse [dot] xxx
Free-Porn [dot] xxx

#9 Open Discussion » How's everyone doing? » 2012-02-04 22:16:04

Replies: 4

Just saying hi... I've been out of the loop for a while bc of work.

#10 Re: Feature Requests » partnership program » 2012-02-04 22:12:16

This would be great, also a partner content program=)

#12 Re: Open Discussion » .XXX domain » 2011-12-10 18:07:48

I "pre registered" two names and now have to wait until January to bid on them because others pre registered the same names.  So I basically threw my money out the window.

#13 Re: Show Off » Help Me Improve My Site » 2011-12-05 04:45:19

Eri wrote:

i do not like video view , your related videos are at the bottom of the page. you will have less page views. Also the search button that is on the left side.

At first I didn't think this was much of an issue but now I am thinking about moving the related videos up. 

What's your average page view count per visitor and time on site per visitor?  Mine are very low sad

#16 Open Discussion » Traffic » 2011-11-16 04:21:50

Replies: 1

Just curious, what methods do you all use to generate traffic?  I am new to the traffic game, but want/need to learn quick!

#17 Re: Modifications » flow player cntrol bar thumbs preview » 2011-11-14 05:31:21

I've been looking for this too, no luck so far sad

#20 Re: Show Off » Help Me Improve My Site » 2011-11-12 01:21:04

Besides the design, any other input, bugs ect.

#21 Re: Show Off » Help Me Improve My Site » 2011-11-12 01:19:51

I did design with a friend, but I used a freelance programmer to integrate the design into the script.  I am thinking about designing a few new ones to sell through ASP.

#22 Re: Show Off » Help Me Improve My Site » 2011-11-01 03:32:10

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input.

#23 Show Off » Help Me Improve My Site » 2011-10-29 19:55:35

Replies: 16

It's time for some constructive criticism.  Here is my site, I have not promoted it yet because I am trying to work out as many kinks as possible.  Please tell me what you like and what you hate.  The more the better.  Bugs, Errors, Speed Ect.  All are welcome. 

Thanks in advance smile

My site:

#24 Re: Troubleshooting » Some videos will not play, Black square where video should play. » 2011-10-29 18:11:27

Can someone tell me what folder this in so I can fix it:

There is a problem with your metadata injector, it sets a width of 0:

flvmeta --dump --yaml 21125.flv | egrep 'width|height'
width: 0
height: 480

Running a non-broken injector leads to the correct result:

flvmeta 21125.flv 21125-X.flv
flvmeta --dump --yaml 21125-X.flv | egrep 'width|height'
width: 640
height: 480

Playing 21125-X.flv then does not exhibit the problem.

#25 Re: Troubleshooting » Some videos will not play, Black square where video should play. » 2011-10-27 23:49:35

Anyone getting this now?  Some of he videos that I upload look like  Then after 20 seconds the video appears.


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