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#1 Re: Development » Adult Script Pro 3.0 Branch Development » 2016-12-15 00:40:53

longsack wrote:

What about an affiliate addon?  Webmaster signs up, embeds or sends traffic to a video, visitor views it, they earn $(we set amount) per 1K views?

How do you imagine to fight with false clicks and traffic?
Biggest companies have trouble with it, spending fortune every year for new algorithms to secure against hackers and frauds.
Affiliate is fine when you sell products or services, but not for traffic or clicks due to high risk of false attacks.

#2 Re: Open Discussion » Http --> Https » 2016-12-03 08:38:43

The difference is not big for SEO.
More important is for sites that offers some financial transactions, eg. ecommerce.

First you need to purchase SSL certificate and must decide if it's wildcard cert or not.
Wildcard SSL cert is usually much more expensive. It simply supports main domain and any number of possible subdomains.
The price for SSL certificate can be very different, from $10 to $300 and more (per year)
Once cert purchased, you must install it on server and this depends on server settings. Usually there is instruction provided for multiple scenarios.
Finally you need to do proper 301 redirection either in .htaccess or in nginx config file to new address with https.
In the end you should check each website page if your https padlock is green. If it's not this means that your HTTPS website refers to some none HTTPS resource. This must be fixed. For established websites with many custom changes this can be a pain.

All of it is not very difficult, but I believe it's also not for newbie. Better is to ask someone experienced to do that then.

#3 Re: Bug Reports » Mark deleted video download error » 2016-11-23 14:12:25

This is not a bug.
Error reporting is for webmaster, not for public. It should be activated only when you need it, not all the time.
Also if you check script admin carefully, it offers choice between custom error handling as above, or standard PHP method, which shows less code.  So it's what webmaster prefers, depends how much code he wants to see in specific situation, but certainly not having it switched on all the time.

#4 Re: Modifications » Theater Video Mode Free Tutorial! » 2016-10-19 14:03:24

Sorry thiva7, but I do not plan to write scripts for older ASPro versions.
It's not about player, player can play any website, any script. It's about specific CMS.
ASPro before 2.x with separate mobile module is quite different files, quite different admin, no video.js support at all.

I just made video.js player as default player for my test website based on other script, it also has "theater" mode button described in first post.
Just watch example video:

#5 Re: Modifications » Theater Video Mode Free Tutorial! » 2016-10-16 02:21:49

thiva7, I'm not sure about your question.

1) is support embed?
If you mean that you want to play not hosted videos but embed code, well there is no such miracles. Every player is to play video files, not some html code.  But if you mean to use video.js on other website, as embed code taken from your website, then of course it does work very well.

2. if yes can embed be clickeble
If you mean embedded player from your website then YES, my plugin has option to link to original video on first click. This is option to set in admin video.js settings.

3. can used on mobile version also?

Well I don't understand this to the end.  What mobile version you talk about? ASPro in version 2.x has responsive layout doing fine on mobile devices, there is no separate mobile version.
Whatever, video.js player is HTML5 player so this is no problem to play it on mobile devices if only video file format allows it (h264/mp4). 

Unfortunately I don't have a public website based on ASPro script, only one for tests, one I worked withit to build best possible integration for my videojs. plugin/theme. On demand of course I can show it, though player looks same as on Nuevolab site.

Video.js with nuevo plugin/theme is definitely better than default video.js. Much better looking unique theme, new features, but also much better resolution switcher, no ugly spinner on buffering, very easy option to make use of Exoclick, AdXpansion or EroAdvertising, option to make use of AnyAd system by Nuevolab. It also supports internal ASPro in0-video ad system. Finally there is super smooth, lightweight and precise thumbs display over video progressbar if user decide to buy it from Nuevolab. Certainly this is best looking player of all, with design same good on desktop and on mobiles.

I must confess that building such theme I based on the idea from some extremely popular adult website. But I tweaked design a lot as one I found was pretty buggy. I made it much more solid for mobile display, added really big number of new features. And added really advanced in code Nuevo plugin.

Below I attached a screenshot with new look of Video.js settings in Admin, so you can see how you can adjust things.
There is also free video preroll system, easy to use thanks to unique nuevo plugin.

Today I verified every single option of my player, including installation process (pretty easy), including embedded player playback, progress thumbs, just everything I only thought.

Videojs Admin Test

#6 Modifications » Theater Video Mode Free Tutorial! » 2016-10-14 22:46:57

Replies: 6

I wrote a tutorial for some nice modification which allows to switch video player into Theater mode with lights off effect  (and back of course). When in Theater mode, apart of using "expand" button you can also press Esc key to go back to normal mode.

Was tested on default ASP2 "defboot" template with video.js player by Nuevolab.
Should also work for any template and for any selected ASPro player.

Tutorial is available on Nuevolab's blog at

Your feedback is welcome.

#7 Re: Troubleshooting » HTML5 by default - for Nuevoplayer » 2016-10-14 18:54:55

Nuevoplayer automatically detects if flash installed in browser and if it's not - attempts to play as HTML5 player.
Of course video file must meets HTML5 standards, and usually it's about h264/mp4 format.

It's also possible to set fallback order in Nuevoplayer template file.
Default is "flash,html5" and there's no need to set fallback for default.
But if you want to have it opposite, must use "fallbackOrder" options and set it to "html5,flash"
It's in Nuevoplayer template file "/templates/defboot/video_view_nuevoplayer.tpl.php" and the line looks like:

	nvplayer.start( {id:'player',config:'<?php echo BASE_URL.'/misc/nuevo/config.php?id='.$this->video['video_id']; ?>',width:w,height:h});

With reverse fallback it must be:

	nvplayer.start( {id:'player',fallbackOrder:'html5,flash',config:'<?php echo BASE_URL.'/misc/nuevo/config.php?id='.$this->video['video_id']; ?>',width:w,height:h}); 

From other hand recently I developed very nice theme/plugin for Videojs HTML5 player, which works very good with AdultScript.
So if someone decides for HTML5 playback only - this is one of best players around, sponsored by Brightcove, used by many giant sites. But I do not suggest it to use for Flash FLV videos playback.

#8 Re: Feature Requests » Is it possible to add a TAGS page in the next release? » 2016-10-11 20:55:32

All tags module I've seen on websites and also one I wrote for other adult script display about 1000-2000 most popular tags on dedicated tags website page, usually sorted and available to filter by alphabet letters.
And this makes such module rather not possible to have for public video script with multiple different languages support, multiple non Latin alphabets, or even tags using multiple different set o characters on same website.
I wonder how do you Symtab plan to manage it?
...or such tags are not sorted by any factor... but this doesn't look elegant.

#9 Re: Troubleshooting » Conversion Speed » 2016-09-29 02:26:41

I think the number in admin for CPU Priority relates to number of threads used by ffmpeg for h264 encoding.  It shouldn't be higher than number of cores available on server. Also too high number of threads (even if not exceeding number of cores) may hurt encoding quality.
Ffmpeg has also option "0" for threads and this means that ffmpeg will auto detect the maximum number of cores and set optimum threads value for encoding proccess. In my opinion this is suggested option.
It's even possible to skip "-threads" option at all and same like for -threads 0  - let ffmpeg auto detect best multi threading settings.

#10 Re: Development » Adult Script Pro 2.2 Development Branch » 2016-03-12 15:53:57

I also find more and more webmsters going crazy about Google PageSpeed suggestions like "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS"
Google PageSpeed does not actually measure the speed of your site. You cannot take too literally all of the suggestions from Google PageSpeed because sometimes they are unrealistic or impossible.
Eg. Google PageSpeed suggests to fix or eliminate code from Facebook, Adsense and other ads, Analytics, etc. It's nonsense.
You shouldn’t care about Google PageSpeed Insights if you have no idea what tool's suggestions are.
Half of websites use more javascript and css in header than AdultScriptPro, including all Google sites and major porn sites.
This is not something you should care.
I find this tool not bad only to fix some mobile layout issues, though it's also too rigorous.

#11 Re: Open Discussion » cron job ? » 2016-02-01 02:45:33

Once I wrote a post on blog about cron jobs

Of course skip part about AVS script as it's different CMS

#12 Re: Troubleshooting » Embedding is not working » 2016-01-29 02:50:30

symtab wrote:

Hmm...will test this again with the new version and fix before releasing.

Symtab, few suggestions, both, any player and Nuevoplayer in particular.

1. Set padding and margin = "0" for iframe body style.
2. Do not use any javascript to size the player, just keep player container 100% with and height.
3. Do not set overlay ad position on document ready, set it always on ad show event.
4. For Nuevoplayer rather start it as separate javascript code than on document ready, though it's not big difference.
5. Can be important for Nuevoplayer not to use "<style>" in "head" section.

The last one I discovered just now. Discovered that Nuevoplayer may have trouble with reading the right stylesheet if it's missing "href" attribute and specific "<style>" items conflict with Nuevoplayer vars.
I already found solution to avoid such situation and will send you player's javascript, but for your existing clients would be better to avoid "<style>" in iframe's "head" section and use style for each specific container separately, or.... use external stylesheet loaded from server.

Regarding iframe player the problem can be also with overlay ad. Imagine iframed player in 320x240px container. This size is often used on mobiles in portrait mode. Now what if overlay ad is much bigger? This will break frame size. Best suggestion would be to use css scale transform if ad bigger than iframe (player) or at least set css overflow hidden for overlay's parent.

#13 Re: Troubleshooting » Embedding is not working » 2016-01-28 06:03:58

symtab wrote:

The problem is that the embed is responsive, so basically if the parent div is not correct, the embed will not resize correctly.

The problem is javascript within iframe code. It handle player size according to some static width/height of 854x480 and player becomes of bad height. Player should be 100% width/height of iframe size.
All this javascript is to remove from iframe code.

    var vwidth      = 854;
    var vheight     = 480;
    var playerc     = $("#player-container");
    var width       = playerc.width();
    var height      = Math.round(width / (vwidth / vheight));
    playerc.css('height', height);
    $(window).resize(function() {
        var width   = playerc.width();
        var height  = Math.round(width / (vwidth / vheight));
        playerc.css('height', height);

There's no sense to apply container's css width and height values when player is intended to be 100% width/height of the iframe.

#14 Re: Modifications » Apache streaming » 2016-01-26 01:36:53

I don't know. I say what I found in 1 client function. There was no even $key in function params. Rest of function was also messed. I don't know how it looks for other clients files, didn't have opportunity to see it. Also do not have ASP2 files myself. Lost it somewhere what you once sent.

#15 Modifications » Apache streaming » 2016-01-24 22:46:35

Replies: 3

Dear Symtab,
I did have opportunity to setup Apache streaming on server with ASP script but found your secure Apache code rather not for use.
In older version of ASP such code is even completely empty....
In Apache config I set streaming location for "/media/videos/". Then I rewrote Apache secure code to something like this:

	public static function secure_apache($url, $video_id, $ext, $key, $hd, $trailer = false)
		$trailer	= ($trailer) ? '.trailer' : '';
		if($ext == 'mobile') $file='/mobile/'.$video_id.$trailer.'.mp4'; else $file= '/'.$ext.'/'.$video_id.$hd.$trailer.'.'.$ext;
		$hexTime = dechex(time()); 
		$token = md5($key . $file. $hexTime);
		return  $url . $token. "/" . $hexTime . $file;

Note that I also had to change params in function.
Basically secure streaming with new code worked well for a client. But the problem was with option to download video.
I didn't have time to verify it. Per user request I switched off secure streaming, left only Apache HTTP pseudostreaming on.

#16 Re: Troubleshooting » Nuevo Player for Mobile » 2016-01-13 12:55:00

I guess main reason for user to have Nuevo for mobile is initial aspect ratio (fit to screen).
So he needs also to change manually "stretching" option in new "config_mobile.php".
Hardcoded value for fit to screen is "fit".

print "<stretching>fit</stretching>\n";

#17 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED IN 2.0.9] Viewing all private photo album of users shows blank » 2015-10-26 14:18:51

Definitely much more people think that it's better not to load video when ad before video, and not to waste precious bandwidth.
What if user click the ad? All used bandwidth is wasted only.

But first of all this is not understanding of the player options.
Player won't start loading video if it is in pause mode at start, this is obvious.
But if player option "autostart" is true, it will start loading video, only will be paused because of overlay.

#18 Re: Troubleshooting » adding cloudflare give problems for mobile videos » 2015-09-27 22:48:12

Cloudflare response

We have seen sites have performance issues because of the number of connections that streamed content causes when running through the CloudFlare proxy.

CloudFlare can most certainly help speed up and protect the site. Sites that do streaming content, however, should move their streaming content to a subdomain we don't proxy in their DNS settings. If you created a subdomain like, you could then add it in your CloudFlare DNS settings like:

CNAME streams is an alias of (make sure cloud is grey).

#19 Re: Feature Requests » number of videos by resolution » 2015-04-29 17:45:45

Suggestion regarding video thumbs display inside thumb container, but more to Symtab.

It may happen that thumb image size is different size than other thumbs or even does not exist for some reason.
It may happen that webmaster decides to change dimensions for generated thumbs.
Then thumb container can be either higher or smaller, and this can break layout.
The solution and suggested thing for every browser is to set img attributes to expected same thumb size. just as it is in admin.
<img width="" height="">
This won't affect responsivity as in css width is "100%" and height is "auto".
But if static width/height set, this stops browser from calculating initial image size, so thumb image will be always same size, expanded according to CSS rule. 
In situtation when thumb image doesn't exists, there will be empty image space but of same size, thumb container same size.
In situtation when thumb is smaller height, with width/height defined, it will be same size as other thumbs, container same size.

I think Adrian you should have it in your script. It's very small thing and you can easily do that, helps to avoid possible issues with initial thumbs display. Is also good for site load speed, saves time required to calculate initial thumb's size by browser.

#20 Re: Feature Requests » number of videos by resolution » 2015-04-29 13:04:07

Mr thiva7, things are not that simple as you post in your example
using "doucument.write" you will only destroy current template. Javascript write result replaces rest of content,.
Have you tried it on a website with some content, not just blank page?

Display rules are defined in css, and this is the right place to manipulate display depending on screen size.
If something is breaking layout, it's always possible to fix from css or template level.

#21 Re: Troubleshooting » nuevo player question » 2015-03-14 07:50:05

Could you admin explain to this user that it's not a case of player but what script's functions that are responsible to deliver video URL, specifically functions in "stream.php" helper file. And there is nothing about hotlinked videos in ASP script functions, not for Nuevoplayer and not for other player.

#22 Re: Troubleshooting » Someone have installed Nuevolab player 8 ??? » 2015-03-11 22:21:40

Nonsense talking.
If there were bugs I would not install software hundreds times, Symtab would not install it, and many other as well.
Only few people here constantly claims bugs, having no idea what bug can be or if this is really a bug.
I'm not going to discuss here more. Software is free of bugs, tested big dozens times (also today), always latest version is available to download. If you decided to install it yourself but can't do it properly, this is only your fault. If your script was modified or server's buggy this is your case to know it. If you still can't install it and don't want to use installation service there is nothing more I can do.

Just yesterday installed Nuevoplayer 8 on another AdultScript fresh website, all according to tutorial, nothing else. All took no more than 15 minutes. Everything's working fine. Every option in Admin works fine, easily read/save option values in database. I wish every script and software was so easy to install.

#23 Re: Troubleshooting » Someone have installed Nuevolab player 8 ??? » 2015-03-11 20:41:16

Look what symtab wrote. I don't think there can be better recommendation.
If you can't install latest version properly the only reason can be you yourself or your server.
For example recently I found that some people experience some issues on nginx servers.
But it's not because of buggy Nuevo or ASP code, but because of buggy PHP-FPM installation on nginx server.
My rules was always clear. Can't install? Can't find issue and fix? Order installation service. I've installed it hundreds times, always successfull.
Other way I will not accept claims and you can blame only yourself.

#24 Re: Bug Reports » Does not get videos version 1.0.5 » 2015-03-02 23:33:32

Hey symtab, there is a problem with your email. It returns error "mailbox is full". Please check.
I tried to reply your last email, then send files, but all mails are back with mentioned error.

#25 Re: Troubleshooting » php downgrade problem » 2015-02-18 05:31:57

Difference between PHP 5.5 and 5.4 is very small and does not affect most of scripts.  Even if - this is 1-3 php functions max.
Downgrading php rather cannot affect template or php for AdultScriptPro. First switch on debug mode to see errors. If this is php error it should appear on site, usually only mysql errors it may not appear.

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