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#1 2011-02-12 00:30:45

Registered: 2011-02-05
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HTML5 Video Support

I know it's not a priority, but if this is the request forum I thought I trow my 2 cents in. smile
Ipad is becoming more and more popular I'm on it the entire day specially when I drive around smile watching movies etc.
Having html5 support is for the future and I think it would be a good selling point for the script,
along with everything else that it already has.
Just something to consider for future versions, I'm not saying it's a priority but it would be nice to have it.



#2 2011-02-12 09:08:54

Registered: 2010-08-23
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Re: HTML5 Video Support

I think this can be done, flowplayer has support for html5/ipad, ffmpeg has support for h264+aac (safari/firefox) and webm (chrome/firefox). I dont have to much
experience with HTML5 yet, but i will learn. We first need to finish the stable version and then we can add support for HTML5.

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