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#1 2010-10-13 00:20:56

From: Germany
Registered: 2010-10-03
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News Box

A suggestion:

A news Box on Frontpage, where webmaster can announce changes, new functions and so on.

Maybe it is a good idea to have a "News Box" in the Frontpage above the being watched Videos.

For example i would announce that the Site uses "a caching technique" and thats why the videos appear later on the frontpage. The "normal" user does not understand why such a technique is better for all the visitors ( loading speed, cpu load and so on ). With such a box the webmaster is able to explain that and much more like new user functions aaaaaaaaaaand soooooo on.

I know that this could be done easily by adding tables to the db and some things to the frontpage.tpl.php. But it would be nice if i can edit the content of such a box via acp and the richtext editor.

This is not Urgent ( you know Symtab smile ) but just a request. If this request won't be filled, i'm not angry smile

I was just brainstorming smile

Greets, Leif

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#2 2010-11-12 00:06:58

Registered: 2010-08-23
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Re: News Box

This feature can be added. It will be available in admin (also enabled/disabled). The feature will be a plugin and you will be able to place it anywhere on the page (by default it will be on the frontpage, top). We need to finish everything that is remaining to have a stable release first, then i'll start adding new features: dvds, news, series, games...

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