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#1 2015-12-22 05:22:36

From: Detroit, MI
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Beta Testers/Traffic Buying

Hey all,
  I recently transferred my main site over to ASP and am getting ready for our big ole re-launch.  I started up an affiliate program/traffic buying thing a lot like Hubtraffic or Xhamster Partners but need some beta testers before I start promoting it to the masses.  You won't make much during beta testing- currently it's set verrrry low during testing (0.0001/visit, no geo restriction), but it will increase once I get confirmation that everything is working and put the final design touches up.

1. Go to, sign up
2. Enter in your website URL (currently enter it EXACTLY as **  -it is a wildcard for http,https,www, etc as well as any subdir's
3. Throw a link up, embed some videos, grab a banner, post it to your site
4. Once your site is approved you (should) get credited for every 24 hour unique click or embedded video view you send my way (no referral link or coding needed- all by cookies and http-referrer!!!
5. If something isn't working, you have suggestions, or need help email me (admin at or use the contact form

That's it!  Thanks for your help in advance and if you want a backlink just toss one up on the site or let me know so I can add one for you.  Once I get this going I may open it up to some of you that help out if interested!


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