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#1 2018-03-10 22:52:46

Registered: 2015-10-14
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[3.0 Beta 27] Bug

In the admin tab as soon as I click on 'video format'

I get this error.

Failed to prepare query!
Error: Unknown column 'f.hls' in 'field list'
Query: SELECT f.format_id,, f.ext, f.postfix, f.resolution, f.resize, f.width, f.height, f.min_width, f.min_height, f.min_bitrate, f.max_width, f.max_height, f.max_bitrate, f.conversion, f.trailer, f.duration, f.video_codec, f.video_preset, f.video_profile, f.video_level, f.video_max_rate, f.video_crf, f.video_options, f.audio_codec, f.audio_bitrate, f.audio_samplerate, f.audio_options, f.hls, f.watermark, f.watermark_pos, f.total_files, f.add_time, f.add_user_id, u.username as add_username, f.edit_time, f.edit_user_id, uu.username as edit_username, f.position, f.required, f.status FROM video_formats AS f LEFT JOIN user AS u ON (u.user_id = f.add_user_id) LEFT JOIN user AS uu ON (uu.user_id = f.edit_user_id) ORDER BY f.position ASC LIMIT 10

This is the 3.0 site.


#2 2018-03-11 12:46:37

Registered: 2010-08-23
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Re: [3.0 Beta 27] Bug

Ok. Will be fixed in beta28.

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