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#1 2019-06-16 22:44:26

Registered: 2012-06-11
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deleting back-up space used ?

my hosting company says:

Detailed info of used space for all your current weekly backups:

[root@cp /]# du -sh /backup/weekly/2019-05-19/
31G    /backup/weekly/2019-05-19/
[root@cp /]# du -sh /backup/weekly/2019-05-26/
55G    /backup/weekly/2019-05-26/
[root@cp /]# du -sh /backup/weekly/2019-06-02
96G    /backup/weekly/2019-06-02
[root@cp /]# du -sh /backup/weekly/2019-06-09
92G    /backup/weekly/2019-06-09
[root@cp /]# du -sh /backup/weekly/2019-06-16
67G    /backup/weekly/2019-06-16

so does that mean i have around 300 gigs of spaced used up for weekly back-ups ?

should i be resolute in deleting weekly backups to clear up more space ?

thank you


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