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#1 2011-04-11 08:27:49

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Save admin time :)

1. It will be great if we see the process queue table because it will save time.

On my server i am getting up to 100 videos upload daily from different users but 95% of those videos are trailers that i never been approved and converted.

2. So it will be great if the process queues can be seen and admin can makes some changes.
e.g auto convert some trusted users videos

3. Moreover a script that will approve a video per 15min, 30min, 1hour, so the site will be always updated smile

4. on video graber you must wait for the video to be uploaded to upload an other video. Make downloads with cron will save a lot of time.

so the grabed video path will be:

Admin copy the video link -> video is uploaded with cronjob -> grab user is is trusted video is convertied with cronjob  -> video is approved after 1hour if ther is no video or after 11 hours if there are 11 videos to be approved

User upload will be:

user upload video -> if user is trusted video auto converts -> video is approved after 1hour if ther is no video or after 11 hours if there are 11 videos to be approved

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#2 2011-04-11 09:23:50

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Re: Save admin time :)

1/3. Queue is also implemented (you can choose from admin to queue videos) and a cron file will process the videos. I could write a small cron file that only converts/approves only 1 video (basically you have to add cron rules at different times for the same php file).

2. This can also be implemented (but only after 1.0 is finished, i cannot add more features right now, because if i do it, we will have a final version next year smile).

4. Is a little complicated, however it could work like 1/3 with the queue and add support for trusted users (the trusted user thing is very easy to implement, the distribution of video
approval over time is not so easy, except for cron which will convert/approve at the same time, not convert and then after x hours approve).

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