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#1 2011-04-19 01:18:45

From: NY
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[ADDED/FIXED] Duplicates

Right now, if we add a .csv that has videos in it that have already been uploaded, it blocks them from being added. Is there a way for the system to check for duplicates in this manner ->

1: Is this a duplicate?
2: Is this a new category for the duplicate file? ie: previously uploaded in Blowjob category - but is now being added to Interracial category via CSV.
3: If yes, add category to existing video. If no, block from being added.

On a side note - is there any plans for having videos be Automatically put into the correct categories with .csv in correlation to the Tags/Niches?"


#2 2011-04-19 06:31:05

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Re: [ADDED/FIXED] Duplicates

1. The duplicate can be changed.
2. This function can be added (i already started modifing the code to add a few tags to each category, and comparing the tags to the video tags/niches we can detect
the category with a increase chance, however it will never be 100%, because its impossible).

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