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#1 2015-06-06 16:12:45

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Adult Script Pro 2.0.6 Released


I've just finished packaging Adult Script Pro 2.0.6. A lot of bugs fixed :-) Changelog:

2.0.6 Fri May  8 12:16:38 EEST 2015
    - fixed video search bug
    - fixed header search dropdown translation bug
    - fixed admin video upload from ftp delete bug
    - fixed admin video upload from ftp audio format bug
    - fixed video conversion mobile trailer bug
    - fixed mobile photo multi-server bug
    - fixed comment avatar bug
    - fixed user preferences show video history bug
    - fixed friendship remove language bug
    - fixed user dashboard friendship requests bug
    - fixed mass xml import queue bug
    - fixed fhg scrapper bug
    - fixed video private display
    - fixed album private display
    - fixed photo private display
    - fixed user login premium demote bug
    - fixed admin module delete
    - removed sponsors from admin
    - fixed admin channel edit bug
    - fixed admin tools database repair bug
    - fixed thumb preview disabled bug
    - fixed pornstar browse pages >= 10 bug
    - fixed video edit channel assign bug

If you already bought Adult Script Pro 2.0.5 (or a previous version) you can download the new version from Avangate or you can send us a email!

Checkout the full feature list at:
Checkout the demo at:
Order here:

Thank you!

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