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#1 2015-10-05 09:51:16

marino sumo
Registered: 2012-07-22
Posts: 49

few questions about video grabber

I'd like to have more info about the video grabber. I read the desciption and few topics around the forum but still got a few questions:
How exactly does it work? I use the video grabber and download the video on my server or do I only get the embedded link?
Let's pretend I grab a video from Youporn, once the video is grabbed is there some reference (watermark or something) to the website I grabbed it from?
Is there a limit of videos we can grab?
Is this legal? I mean it isn't right?


#2 2015-10-05 11:41:23

Registered: 2011-04-30
Posts: 1,022

Re: few questions about video grabber

There is 2 , grab and grabber

grab will embed videos from other source.

Grabber that u asking will get source of video from supported sites ( mp4 - flv ) and will save/reconvert into your site and u will host it as your video.

reference to where u get the video NO, only you can know it from admin panel when u check video.

There is no limmit about how many videos you can get, but some times 3rd sites may made changes so u will have to wait for update to make it work again.

Legal? hmm i dont know but am sure all big tube sites have the same tools to get videos.

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