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#1 2016-04-13 08:28:16

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Adult Script Pro 2.2.1 Released


A new bugfix release for the 2.2 branch. Changelog:

2.2.1 Mon Mar 21 18:15:38 EET 2016
    - fixed missing channel status column bug
    - fixed responsive css models bug
    - fixed model recent widget padding bug
    - fixed model popular widget padding bug
    - fixed channel popular widget padding bug
    - fixed admin photo album edit cover bug
    - fixed photo recent widget number bug
    - fixed photo popular widget number bug
    - fixed admin video view ratings add_date bug
    - fixed admin models add photo bug
    - fixed playlist view page css bug
    - fixed blog view empty blog id bug
    - fixed multi server upgrade bug
    - fixed multi server move to/from server bug
    - fixed flowplayer html5 admin config update bug

If you already bought Adult Script Pro 2.2.0 (or a previous version) you can download the new version from Avangate or you can send us a email!

Checkout the full feature list at:
Checkout the demo at:
Order here:

Thank you!

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