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#1 2016-05-10 20:46:01

Registered: 2011-04-30
Posts: 1,022

Some Small Feature Requests/fixing

Here a list of what would be Nice to be added to ASP

1) Blog to complete

  a) add to cron sitemap ,
  b) adding link to post

2) VideoJs to add more mod/plugins (
    a) like SWF plugin to can play Flash videos,
    b) thumbs on player bar etc

3) Assing Photos to Models

4) Option to play videos from mobile devices from /media/videos/mp4 directly and not form mobile folder


#2 2016-05-11 07:08:27

Registered: 2010-08-23
Posts: 7,501

Re: Some Small Feature Requests/fixing

1) will be added
2) a. is already there, 2) b. can be added in a future version
3) will be adding in 3.x
4) will not be added, because the not all phones support the main h264 profile...

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