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#1 2011-05-31 07:02:25

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Not For Porn--Money per video access "Pay for viewing permission"

I am looking for a video sharing website that will allow my customers to share their videos.  These videos need to be monetized per viewing of each video. So far everything here looks great.  I am unable to see if you have the ability here to monetize each video per the owner of the video.  If I want to watch this a video up for viewing I need to pay to view it, then my account will give me access to that video, as I have already paid the amount to gain permission to view it.

This content will not be pornographic, so I dont think that this would matter much, would it?

is there a Video recording feature going into this script?  Some videosharing software is integrating the ability to record a video with your own video camera and posting it on the site i am a member with.

Also, the ipad, iphone, are not using flash and instead are using HTML5 on the player. Does your software allow for this to occur?  can you view it on an ipad or iphone?

Thanks for your your attention to my question.---Allen


#2 2011-05-31 07:25:24

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Re: Not For Porn--Money per video access "Pay for viewing permission"


1. We support subcription based (day/month/year) and credit based (cents / 1 video or cents / second). Currently you cannot assign a specific price for a video. The money made will be available on the paypal account. Users cannot make money on the site.

2. Currently there is no video recording software, however we will integrate one in the future.

3. Ipgone is supported via the mobile part of the script. We did not test ipad yet, but we will test asap.

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