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#1 2011-10-25 12:59:58

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A few questions

So I am thinking of purchasing this script, I have purchased adultvideoscript today, and I am really not satisfied with it and I will buy a new script, so I came across adultscriptpro and it looks really good. So here are a few questions:

- Does this script also steal videos from other tube sites like AVS?

- Can I have multiple Moderators and admins (as I would need mods to delete videos that are from 18 under girls and such, not allowed things, and admins to help me maintain the site)

- Is it also possible to see an admin demo? so I can see what the admincpanel looks like and what I can modify.

- With branding free, I can remove the footer, but what does it mean with (Adult Script Pro comes with text and logo branding (for the flash player), while the footer text branding can be removed for free, you need to purchase a commercial Flowplayer Flash Player License to display your own logo in the player!) So this means whenever I upload a video, the Adult Script Pro logo will appear? How can I remove that?

Thank you.l

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#2 2011-10-25 16:07:36

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Re: A few questions


1. No. We do not offer a built in grabber for downloading videos from other tubes. You can embed videos from other tubes though. We also offer mass CSV and XML Feed Importing and Mass FTP Upload.

2. Currently you can have multiple admins automatically, but no moderators. We plan on adding this in the future (right now you can have moderators, but they cant access admin, only the frontend and they can delete comments and forum topics/posts).

3. There is no branding for our script. You can remove anything you want from the footer. The adult script logo doesnt appear anywhere on the player. The flowplayer logo appears on the player. To remove that you need to buy a commercial flowplayer license from In the future will have our own branding in the player, but right now its how i described above.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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