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#1 2012-05-29 13:29:01

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Special discount prior to ASPro 1.0 release!

To All,

We are doing a 25% off for our ASPro script prior to our 1.0 release. This discount offer is more than 60% off the FULL retail value for 1.0 when released. You will get a free upgrade to 1.0 and 6 months of free updates. ASPRo is currently by far one of the BEST (If not THE BEST) adult video script in the market. You can do your own research and compare! smile

Coupon code: 25penguins (Coupon code is subject to change without any notice)

Keep in mind we also accept payments directly though PAYPAL which can avoid hefty VAT fees. Please email us at for paypal orders. It's quick and easy...

Email for any questions or concerns. THX!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT purchase any scripts from third party or forums. All ASPro scripts that are purchased from us have a license key which we monitor. We also note down the domain name you are using your script on along with other information we will reference to. If your information does not match our record, we will reject support and updates to you and hold the rights to prosecute you for unauthorize usuage of our script.


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