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#1 2011-04-03 00:06:17

From: Germany
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[ADDED] Delete "unneeded" videos

Hello Adrian.

You know. We discussed about keeping two files from one video. One SD and one HD File.
You said it could be useful when you add a HD/SD Button. I agree.
But now i'am a in a little bit of trouble. My Discspace is running out.
Facts: A video gets converted into HD (*.mp4) and SD (*.flv) if the requirements are met.
So what i want to tell you: Is is possible to make a Script that deletes the FLV versions of a MP4 video ?
Yeah and again: I agree with you that it is nice to have two versions of a file, but i need only one, because my site will show only HD if a HD version is available.
I hope you understand what i mean. smile



#2 2011-04-03 07:28:45

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Re: [ADDED] Delete "unneeded" videos

It can be done easily, even from the upload. If the mp4 conversion is good, then the flv file can be deleted.

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