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#1 Re: Pre-sale questions » New client unable to email » 2015-06-17 00:15:17

symtab wrote:

Yeah, i got his email and i also replied.

Perfect thank you sir!

#2 Re: Pre-sale questions » New client unable to email » 2015-06-15 09:16:56

symtab wrote:

To which email address did you email support? I've checked my email this morning and i have several new emails, so the email is working. I just dont know why it doesnt work for you.


I had my friend email both of the adultscriptpro emails as suggested ..

The email had a subject line = New Account Approval
From: admin (at)

Sent to and


#3 Re: Pre-sale questions » New client unable to email » 2015-06-15 01:47:38


A good transactional based email service is Mandrill .. We've been using them for the past year and the service has been fantastic (near instant delivery, and if you use less than 12k emails a month its 100% free to use)... Mandrill is based on the Mailchimp system as well.

To answer your questions, we tried to email support again last night without response. I will ask him to email your adrian email directly tonight.

Thanks for the help,

#4 Re: Pre-sale questions » New client unable to email » 2015-06-14 03:09:51

Hi Thiva,

Thanks for the information!

I will let my friend know to contact those emails as well.


#5 Pre-sale questions » New client unable to email » 2015-06-13 23:20:06

Replies: 10


A friend of mine is eager to purchase but had a few questions prior to..

He tried to send an email on your Contact Page and received an error "Failed to send message! Our email server might have problems... sad"

He also tried to send an email directly to support but no response yet.

Just making sure this software is still for sale and available.


#6 Re: Open Discussion » Some good stats of Adult Script Pro running on NGINX » 2014-09-08 00:52:44 wrote:

Yes i am trying to do that also But All these site panels take alot memory then normal site usage.

You'll have to finely turn PHP-FPM and NGINX .. especially with the # of worker connections needed and the space for each worker.

Here are some good links : … figuration … ic-si.html

#7 Re: Open Discussion » Nice site using ASPRO with unique template » 2014-09-08 00:49:17

Would love to launch a site similar to this .. Kudos to whoever worked on that Channel portion looks great!

#8 Re: Open Discussion » GreenValueHost September Vps Promo 10Gb Ram/24 CPU Cores/300Gb Hdd » 2014-09-08 00:47:44

I think you have the pricing details all screwed up .. no way ANY company would give away this much hardware for $10 a month LOL

Also from their price page looks like the $10 per month deal gets you 5 CPU Cores, not 24 .. just FYI

#9 Re: Show Off » » 2014-09-08 00:44:37

symtab wrote:

This site has a awesome template :-)

Is this site using the ASP script with heavy modification?

#10 Re: Pre-sale questions » Few questions on ASP and ASS » 2014-05-11 06:12:55

symtab wrote:

Please send me a email and i will send you a list with the discounts. For Adult Script Pro we already have a few discounts running and for Adult Search Script if you want to buy the Unlimited Domain version i can also offer you a discount.

The administration panel will be similar, but not the same. ASPro will use Bootstrap 3, while Adult Search Script uses Bootstrap 2.

Great, I will send you an email, and yes we are looking at the Full Source Code edition


#11 Pre-sale questions » Few questions on ASP and ASS » 2014-05-10 22:02:44

Replies: 2


I was interested in purchasing both ASP and ASS, what would be the best way of doing this? Is there a discount given for a combo purchase?

Also 1 last question .. Is the Adult Search Script an indication of what the future version of Adult Script Pro will be like?


#13 Re: Marketplace » We can upload videos for you! » 2014-05-06 01:41:30

symtab wrote:

Email me when you want to order the Uploading Service. Task 2 i can implement for like 49$ (one hour of work).

Perfect - tHank you!

#14 Re: Development » Do you think orientation (Straight, Gay, Shemale) is important? » 2014-05-04 00:15:14

symtab wrote:

Having subcategories is easy, it gets complicated (mostly for speed, and we are dealing with 1 million videos cases). If you have subcategories and multiple categories for each video, it gets tricky.

True, I personally haven't dealt with a site with over 250k items, in my example it was an eCommerce site with 250,000 products/users/comments within the DB. We typically used at most 4 or 5 different subcategories/filters for a particular product.. So the system does get a little tricky with so many variations .. especially with DB processing (so many checks can quickly overload the system).

I guess we can think of it like :  Straight / Gay / Shemale are sections of your site, and within each section is different categories for those sections.. Similar to how Magento has "Stores" within your primary Site (eg: Each store holds different content, with its own set of categories).

Just curious on your advice for handling such a large site, I assume the DB server would need to be built pretty heavily to handle everything for that type of site.

#15 Re: Open Discussion » This script is good but it needs support » 2014-05-03 08:31:21

Just curious is $99 per hour ONLY for urgent support requests? I ask because I previously was given a quote last week of $49 per hour for custom development work.

- T

#16 Re: Open Discussion » Someone using this? » 2014-05-03 08:27:50

We have one of our clients using this system on their tube site (note: They are currently not using ASPRO, but may switch once 2.0 is released).

How the system works is essentially the system does a daily scan of your site for any videos tagged in its system to contain copyrighted content. If an video is identified to belong to a protected studio it is flagged in your system and asked for removal. In place of this video, IF available the studio provides trailers and demo content to be in place of that video. The same link can be used to retain in-place SEO, but the content will change. The advertisement will direct the user to the studio site or directly to the DVD depending on the original content.

As a site owner you make a sale once the user has purchased the product you're advertising. So yes you CAN make money, but you ONLY make money once a user clicks through the ad and makes a purchase.. You do not receive money simply for taking copyrighted material off of your site.

#17 Re: Development » Do you think orientation (Straight, Gay, Shemale) is important? » 2014-05-03 08:21:33

Normally when dealing with different types of content its important to have (what we call "sub-categories").. meaning the ability to further filter content based on a specific topic, in this case sexual orientation.

Example: I want to see Category = Reality Porn , with the sub category (or filter) set for Straight. This means Only Reality Porn Videos that are also tagged with the sub category for Straight will show.

Many eCommerce handle product categorization in this format as well (for example: Many of our clients use multiple sub-categories to define deep-filters of products for their site).

Glad to see this will be utilized in the next version of ASPRO

#18 Re: Marketplace » Selling: Groomed and exploding homemade videos site » 2014-04-30 03:31:09

thiva7 wrote:

yeah but that is my point. if one site make monthly 800$ why to sell it under 9000$?

If you're making $800 a month after expenses, I definitely wouldn't sell for under $9,000 .. the site is worth much more than that.. But again its up to you how much to sell ...

Whenever I look to buy a site .. I don't just look at income and expenses, I also look at conversion %'s and growth % month after month.  Nothing worse than buying something than seeing your investment going downhill.

#19 Re: Marketplace » Selling: Groomed and exploding homemade videos site » 2014-04-27 04:18:20

thiva7 wrote:
Eri wrote:

The price of selling a adult website comes from: (monthly revenue - monthly running costs)*12 = site price

i never sell site but how this "math" come out?

so if my site make 1000$ and my running cost is 200 its 1000-200*12 =9600?
so why to sell it hmm

The price is a theoretical number based on an example .. Just because you say its worth $9,600 doesn't mean you're going to get $9,600 for it.

#20 Re: Marketplace » We can upload videos for you! » 2014-04-27 04:16:31

symtab wrote:

1. Yes.
2. The videos will be automatically categorized and i can also write code to assign them automatically to pornstars.

Perfect, thank you! Should we email you to get a quote on completing Task #2?


#21 Re: Marketplace » We can upload videos for you! » 2014-04-26 05:07:49

Hi Symtab,

2 questions for you on this service..

1. Is still being offered?

2. Since the CSV contains the category and pornstar tags already, how are these mapped into ASP? Are they automatically added, or do we need to do any other additional work:

Example: If we buy the pornstar database first, and than buy 15k videos, when we click a pornstar in our database, will all the relevant videos display for that particular pornstar?


#22 Re: Marketplace » Selling: Groomed and exploding homemade videos site » 2014-04-26 02:26:26

I'm also curious what your monthly expenses are for running the site?

#23 Re: Marketplace » Site Partnership » 2014-03-19 01:57:11

Are any of the sites still available? I'd be interested in the college and amateur ones, after our primary site goes live.. will make for a good "network" ..

#24 Re: Hosting » hosting help » 2014-03-19 01:51:42

symtab wrote:

He probably makes a lot of profit. He doesnt target adult ads. He has like 3500-4000 connections active at the same time, so thats quite a lot. I think separating is the best way to go also. Basically i think using the current server for video streaming (as you said you have 10gbps on this server) and a separate server for http/mysql and CDN for videos thumbs + css/js/images (this costs like 30-50$ / month, however since your traffic is from china, you probably want a server hosted somewhere close).

If you're looking for something close to China, I'd recommend hosting through Singapore.. great deals and pipe work.

I tried to access the site today.. but connection was so slow, eventually 404 errored out hmm

#25 Re: Installation » seed server » 2014-03-15 01:10:31

You mean a content server?

I don't see why not, just have your system pull the content from an alternative area .. example for one of our clients they have 7 servers .. 1x web .. 4x content.. 1x DB .. 1x backup .. Though not sure if we're on the same track.

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