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#1 Re: Troubleshooting » Select model from video upload page » 2015-09-05 18:38:07

Thanks for your reply Double_D!

Unfortunately, that's not what I meant. Here's a screenshot:


As you can see on the frontend user upload page, there is no model select option for a registered/normal member. (I have guest/anonymous uploads turned off)

#2 Troubleshooting » Select model from video upload page » 2015-09-04 22:12:11

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I cant see the option to select models from video upload page. I currently have 1 category and 1 model on my website. I see a field to add title, description, select category, enter tags and choose file to upload but the models select option isnt there.

What am i missing?

#3 Re: Feature Requests » Disable adblock » 2015-07-09 15:17:27

This would be so awesome to have smile

#4 Re: Troubleshooting » Can't change category image or edit HTML & CSS for categories » 2015-07-09 15:16:20

Thanks Double D however the thing is that my Cloudflare has been on pause mode on over 6 months now so purging cache or going under development mode won't help.

@Symtab, did you install any caching system on the server when you did the server setup for me? (I'm the guy with the long e-mail address from Yahoo). Anyways, I will wait it out another 24 hours just in-case it is some caching system on the server.

#5 Re: Open Discussion » How to Register and Run Adult Websites - Legally and Financially ? » 2015-07-08 14:39:56

@Symtab, it's all good. As long as my post is helpful to others, I have no problem.

#6 Troubleshooting » Can't change category image or edit HTML & CSS for categories » 2015-07-08 14:38:54

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Issue #1

I tried to change the image of a category on my site but it's doing something very unusual.

On the categories page, it shows the old image but in edit mode it shows the new image.


Now that's not all. Unless, I don't append "?29" after the category image URL on the frontend, it won't show the new image.


I checked on different browsers, cleaned cache, TOR browser and made sure that Cloudflare is off. Also, for the past 2-3 days now I've been working on the sites theme and every change is taking place immediately except for the categories.

What do I mean? (Issue #2)

On my categories page, I have the design I want which is this:


BUT on frontpage, its calling for the attributes from the old (Default design) and not the new attributes I added.


In other words, in categories.tpl.php I changed "thumbnail" to "thumbail_category" and added the attributes in Style.css and it works decently on  but on, it shows "thumbnail" instead of "tumbnail_category".

#7 Re: Open Discussion » How to Register and Run Adult Websites - Legally and Financially ? » 2015-07-07 15:54:40

1. Many adult websites were registered off-shore mainly to avoid DMCA takedown issues or evade taxes. When it comes to taxes, the government will get back at you sooner or later. When it comes to DMCA takedown issues, I would not making enemies. It is already hard for new comers like us to progress, if we make enemies now then it will cause us problems in the future.

Me personally. I have my site hosted in USA with a .COM domain(.COM extensions are USA domains) and all my sites media on an off-shore (Netherlands, Sweden, etc) server. I still take swift action when it comes to DMCA takedown notices and what not but it's a bit of extra protection just in-case I get sued. Another bonus with a Netherlands server is that it is kinda in the middle on the world map so the connection time is lesser than it could be.

If you do use the multi-server feature on ASP then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't use Cloudflare. Saves a lot of costs and ups the sites performance.

3. Don't worry or think about making money for the first 4 months at least. Concentrate on building traffic, content, SEO, keeping members on the site, advertising, etc. Then you can start with ads. You can probably start with ads after the first 2 months but don't make money your goal for the first few months.

4. I would personally recommend Ramnode (It is unmanaged though). They have amazing performance, reasonable prices and great support. Especially if you are looking at having a lot of videos on your site then you can look into their SSD-Cached plans. Here is one of the SSD-Cached plan specs.

KVM SSD-Cached
2048 MB    4 Cores 110 GB Diskspace    4000 GB Bandwidth for    $28 / mo

And yes, they allow adult websites. Another thing that I missed was that I started off on a VPS. I have 0 knowledge in server management, I wasted a lot of money here with server costs, control panel, and a server admin. I completely overlooked the fact that I can easily start off on a shared hosting and save not just time but money.

5. To run it anonymously as possible. Get an off-shore VPS provider that accepts BTC (Pay in BTC), get a .NET or .ORG domain and to receive payments to a bank, get a card like readydebit or those prepaid cards with which you can withdraw money from ATM and deposit checks. The rest on how to stay anonymous is up to you but I would recommend providing your real name on sites you register.

6. In my opinion, it is important to have a privacy policy, TOS, etc. You could use a generator to make one but you should always know and follow what your terms state. Some people say that you should get the TOS, etc written by a Lawyer or a Paralegal but that's not necessary in my honest opinion. Hell, I had copied my sites TOS from another site and then write a new one after a few months. When I wrote my own  one out, I did basic research and used the help of existing templates.

Before starting, you must have a strategy or a plan on how to advertise your site and where you would like to see your site in a few years. Example: If you want to turn your site into a large company one day then you can *** REMOVED *** :-)


If you want to sell off your site in a year or two then you can just go with the cheapest hosting provider out there and just worry about content on your site, traffic and SEO. You don't have to worry about the uptime, web design, etc.

#8 Troubleshooting » How to upgrade theme? » 2015-06-22 22:41:16

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I am currently on 2.0.6 and my theme was made for 1.2.2. I wanted to update my theme earlier on today but I noticed that there are many new css attributes and new files so I was wondering is there a faster, easier and an effective way to update the theme?

#9 Troubleshooting » Video upload problem "Converting" » 2015-04-23 11:10:45

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I'm facing an issue with uploading videos. Pretty much anytime I upload a video, the video uploads successfully and generates thumbs however the video remains stuck on "converting". Here comes the weird part. A server admin did a test and was able to successfully upload a  mp4 video size of 6mbs (By successful I mean uploaded, converted and can be viewed from frontend) but when me or my partner try to upload a video, it gets stuck on converting.

File sizes we tried
17.7 mbs
314 mbs
400 mbs (This is the max. I've allowed through the script)

Note: The max upload size and the max post size in PHP is 550M. Also, everything except for "Zend OPcache Support" is green ticked in "System Check".

Why is this happening?

#10 Re: Troubleshooting » Possible bug with admin uploading?!? » 2015-02-11 08:59:38

Maybe it's a something else somewhere overriding it or a piece or code is missing which doesn't specify what to do if an admin uploads?  I've never made any changes with the code except for theme but that was mainly the index.

I'm 99% sure that this bug exists. I noticed that if you upload through an admin account, log out from the frontend and then try to log in to /admin/, it won't let you. After you comment out the log in page and browse ACP, you would notice that the admin account was demoted to "Registered". That specific account, not all admin accounts.

#11 Re: Troubleshooting » Video conversion problem and what are the file permissions? » 2015-02-11 08:54:58

It seems to be

Connected to [Removed]:21 via FTP...
Logged in using username: [Removed]...
Directory changed to: /media/videos!
Passive FTP enabled!
Changed directory to /media/videos/media/videos/flv...
Uploaded file.flv!
Deleted file.flv!
Changed directory to /media/videos/media/videos/mp4...
Uploaded file.mp4!
Deleted file.mp4!
Changed directory to /media/videos/media/videos/mobile...
Uploaded file.mp4!
Deleted file.mp4!

You can download a video conversion log from
That's one of the videos I'm facing problems with.

#12 Open Discussion » ASP on PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5 » 2015-02-10 19:37:44

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I was wondering is it safe and stable to run ASP on php 5.4 and mysql 5.5? Has anyone tried it?


Nevermind guys. I should have searched. I came across

#13 Troubleshooting » Video conversion problem and what are the file permissions? » 2015-02-10 19:35:18

Replies: 2

I recently moved my servers around and I noticed that videos are uploading but not converting. I'm using the multi-server feature. I did a system check and I have everything in green.

Also, currently I have every folder on my media server chmod to 777. I know this is not safe so can I make it 744 without interrupting the sites functionality?

P.S: I'm on Nginx

#14 Troubleshooting » Possible bug with admin uploading?!? » 2015-02-10 19:32:06

Replies: 2

I believe when an admin account uploads a video from frontend then he gets demoted to "registered".

Is it because in video configuration, I have given the "registered" group permission to upload only. If so then how can an admin upload in the first place?

#15 Re: Troubleshooting » Admin log in issue » 2015-01-27 09:26:23

True. I can understand. I will send you an e-mail with the list of names when I'm on my personal laptop. The problem is currently there on the website, can you please take a look?

I messaged you my SSH log in yesterday.

Message Title: -snip-
Sender name Initials: -snip-

#16 Re: Troubleshooting » Admin log in issue » 2015-01-27 04:50:52

symtab wrote:

Hmm...the best way to find the problem is to ask each of the webmasters that have this problem. Basically what exactly does happen:
1. When does this happen? After the install? Or after you have x number of visitors? High load?...
2. Did you modify any code?
3. Does it work if you clean the sessions folder?

Most of the webmasters dont have this problem, however ocassionaly i get emails or forum posts related to this problem. Common causes: invalid permissions or full hard drives.

1. This happens all of a sudden and remains consistent. I e-mail you every time it happens and after 2-3 days, it gets fixed so I was assuming the whole time that you were fixing some bug? I'm not sure if it can be because a lot of visitors because I try rebooting, that doesn't help. I don't receive a lot of traffic at the moment either. This issue has been happening to me for about 4 months now.
2. I modified the theme but nothing to do with the ACP. ACP related, I did add a index.html file in the past. Related:
3. Doesn't work even after cleaning sessions.

Also, I'm not exaggerating. I contacted some webmasters from this forum in the past and they said they faced this issue too though sad

#17 Troubleshooting » Admin log in issue » 2015-01-26 09:35:35

Replies: 5

This has, has to be a bug. This happens to me every week. Tested on 3 different servers, happens every week.

I come at the /admin/login.php page and enter the right credentials and click enter to log in but the page stays idle there. I have to keep going into FTP to comment out the vauth line to do changes. I'm extremely frustrated. Tried VPNs, TOR, proxies, different computers, deleting all sessions from /tmp/sessions and clearing cache but nothing helps. Hell, people from different countries try themselves but they still can't log in.

Why does it always happen to me? I asked other ASP webmasters and most don't have the problem while some say they do. They just commented out the vauth line and added password protected directories to avoid the trouble. This is not safe. Why does it happen to only a handful of people? What special are we doing that is causing this?

#19 Troubleshooting » Increasing thumbs size » 2015-01-14 04:44:31

Replies: 2

On the index, I have content boxes for recently watched videos and so forth. I'm customizing the theme so I wish to have the video thumb/preview to be bigger than the current size. How do I do this?

#20 Re: Troubleshooting » Can't log in to admin » 2014-12-24 04:33:18

Thanks for the tip Double D however I don't have one IP address, it changes frequently therefore it will be problematic for me.

#21 Re: Troubleshooting » Can't log in to admin » 2014-12-20 04:59:12

I happened to figure out this problem. For some reason why accounts group was "Registered" instead of admin. Maybe someone knew my password and wanted to do something, I don't know but the solution was basically found from an old post on this forums.

#22 Troubleshooting » Can't log in to admin » 2014-12-19 17:25:59

Replies: 5

I can't log in to admin after upgrade for some reason. When I enter the right details and click log in, it refreshes the page but does not take me to the admin dashboard but the funny thing is that it logs me in on the frontend. Any idea(s) why this is happening?

#23 Bug Reports » [NOT A BUG] Recent Videos Bug » 2014-12-19 17:24:48

Replies: 1

I just uploaded a video from ACP. I literally just uploaded and on the frontpage, it says it is being watched even though it isn't. Plus it should be showing up in "Recent free porn videos" content box however it isn't.

Also, I am 100% that the video is not being watched because I did this test on localhost and I didn't click on the video.

#24 Re: Troubleshooting » Channels » 2014-12-19 17:23:30

Are channels assigned to networks and can a network have multiple channels?

Also, why do networks and channels have a username field at the moment?

#25 Troubleshooting » Channels » 2014-12-18 20:17:56

Replies: 3

I know the purpose of the channels module however how does it really work? Does a certain member handle it, how are videos moved there, etc?

Just came to learn about the feature earlier on today and I don't want to play around with it as I'm slightly scared I will mess up.

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